Washington State’s Most Experienced Hearing Loop Installer


We can handle the large projects!
We can handle the large projects!

Hearingloop NW is the most experienced and highly trained hearing loop installer in the Pacific Northwest.

We cover Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, the Puget Sound, the Pacific Northwest and all Washington State. We also cover western Oregon. No other installer in this region of the United States has installed as many loop systems or has as much training. We have a 100% success rate. Yes, we can loop it. All our systems are certifiable and certified. We don’t just “say” they are.

Our mission is to bring hearing to those who cannot hear in TV rooms, offices, meeting spaces, conference room, churches auditoriums and theaters. We have installed all kinds of hearing loops in nearly all kinds of environments. Please, don’t let someone tell you it can’t be done. They just don’t know how. We are the people they call to repair systems. Let us do it right for you and your people. The hard of hearing deserve their dignity and the very best of hearing, hearing loops. The Best comes from HearingLoop NW.

Schedule a Presentation

We will come to your facility and give a presentation that educates on the issues of being hard of hearing. You will learn what is like trying to hear in an environment where the background noise is louder than what you actually want to hear. You will learn how a hearing aid works and how distance affects how hard it is to understand. You will learn the psychological effects of not hearing and how that affects socialization and many aspects of health and quality of life. Finally we get into the details of how hearing loops work, how they are designed, and what a hearing loop will do for your people.

This presentation is all done using a actual hearing loop. We will bring a portable system in so everyone can hear the quality a hearing loop delivers. If you do not have t-coils or hearing aids, we have receivers so “All May Hear”.  This is all free.

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The Site Evaluation and Consultation

A site evaluation is the most critical step in the hearing loop process. It is critical to know everything possible about the facility so the right loop design can be made.

  • Background noise check
  • Scan for background noise loud spots if any. These steps can determine if something needs to be corrected in the building wiring before a hearing loop can be installed.
  • Make sketches
  • Take pictures
  • Take extensive measurements
  • Analyze building/structural materials
  • Choose location for the loop
  • If needed run a test loop
  • Make initial selection for loop type
  • Make initial selection of installation/mounting method
  • Sit quietly and envision looping the facility
  • Anticipate and solve working with/around architectural details
  • Discuss options (if any) for the installation
  • After this back at the office a formal design and bid are created.

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