About HearingLoop NW and Our Experience

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About HearingLoop NW


  • Over seven years experience
  • More than sixty installations
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Certifications
  • Counter loops to auditoriums
  • Perimeter loops to complex phased arrays
  • Single rooms to multiple neighboring rooms
  • Confidential and security boardroom systems

Our Story

We have over seven years experience installing over sixty hearing loop systems. Mr. Norby has training in loop theory, design and installation and has Basic, Intermediate and Advanced certifications. In addition to this he spent hours in private conversation and consultation with Richard McKinley of Contacta, Inc. (our primary supplier), the United States premier hearing loop designer, and with Connie Anderson, amplifier and loop designer for Univox hearing loop systems. These visits were like master’s classes in loop design and amplifier application.

HearingLoop NW has installed all kinds of loop systems from counter loops to auditoriums, perimeter loops to complex phased arrays. Our level of experience has taught us which design and installation method works and which does not. Yes, we made some mistakes in the past. We learned from them. We fixed them all We do not make those mistakes anymore. You do not have to be our “beta test” or “learning experience”. Go with the most experienced and you get the benefit of that experience.

We know how to analyze a facility for its metal content, size and shape. Through our experience and training we know how to design the best system for your environment and get the best performance. We add to this a survey of architectural details. We know how to use trim and detailing rather than fight it. When an install must be a surface mount, we know how to hide a wire in plain sight. We have installed a number of very complex systems including one with a phased array over two different kinds of ceiling materials mounted right beside a perimeter loop to form one large system. HearingLoop NW knows how to solve what would stop others.

Most recently we are working on an ongoing project installing counter loops at locations throughout the State of Washington.

Spencer Norby is himself hard of hearing with no hearing bones on the right side plus some higher frequency loss. He knows what it’s like being hard of hearing and actually uses many of the systems we install. When Mr. Norby tests a system, he really knows when it works.

Our First System

HearingLoop NW’s first system was Christ Lutheran Church in Lakewood Washington. Not knowing much, but having my supplier on the phone in California, laid a perimeter loop on a concrete floor using the copper ribbon wire. I bought the amplifier from one company, the loop wire from another, receivers from yet another. I hadn’t done a survey ahead of time. I didn’t know how. I didn’t have the equipment. The carpet was about to be laid, and I needed to finish. The loop is still there. It’s not my best by a long shot. I’d just used a massive amplifier. There is too much variance, but not a huge amount. It was a gamble. It happened to work. I wouldn’t recommend doing this to anyone. There really is so much to know. I’ve seen a lot of loops that do not work and have too much range from loud edges to soft centers. Don’t gamble with your location.